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Lolita Hardcore

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Related article: Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 13:25:48 -0800 From: Bob Hook Subject: after school movie (part 2)As luck would have it, I didn't have to sit in the movie theater in Lolita Hardcore my sticky clothes for long, as my Mom had an unusual early work stop, and picked me up, shortly after my wildly exciting time with Mr. Carl, in the theater office.Immediately after arriving at home, I stripped out of the sticky jeans and briefs, and got in the shower, where I not only cleansed the soda residue from my thin body, but I jacked off madly, remembering clearly the intense sensations I had received from the oral attention of Mr. Carl! In almost no time at all. I was spewing my second load of boy cumm across the stall shower wall, as I groaned, and felt my knees go weak, once again!I slept poorly that night, due to both my Lolita Hardcore throbbing hard cock, and my tossing and turning, as my young mind raced, playing mental videos of the endless possibilities that awaited me, in tomorrows after school movie, and my time with Mr. Carl! Finally daylight arrived, and I resisted the overpowering temptation to jerk my aching boy tool, wanting to be extra horny, when I arrived at the theater after school! I picked at my breakfast, and my Mom dropped me off at school, admonishing me that it was very possible that I may need to spend a longer time than usual at the movie, since she had quit early last Lolita Hardcore night! I told her to worry about it, that I had really begun to enjoy my time at the theater, and that Mr. Carl was doing a great job of watching me!The school day passed as slow as the night had, but finally the final bell sounded, and I gathered up my jacket, and book bag, and rushed off to the movie theater! Arriving, Mr. Carl was waiting out front, an anxious look on his middle aged face, until he saw me break out in a huge grin, at sighting him! I scooted to a stop at his side, grinning up at him, my heart racing with the anticipation of carnal delights to come! Mr. Carl relaxed, and smiled down at me, slipping an arm across my slim shoulder, pulling my body against his own, saying, "Hi there, Robby boy, everything ok?" I leaned into his large, strong, body, and nodded my head, answering, "Yes Sir, Mr. Carl, everything's way cool, actually!" Mr. Carl smiled, big paw still stroking my shoulder, and neck, and asked quietly, "Uh...what did you tell your Mother about what happened, yesterday....uh....about your pants.....and...uh........? I giggled, rubbing my small body harder against him, and said, "Oh, I just told her the part about spilling my soda into my lap, is all, Sir." Mr. Carl paused, nodding slightly, then said, "I didn't say anything about....uh....the...uh...cleanup we did?" OH NO, Sir!" I answered, "I'd never, ever, let Mom know anything like that, Sir, not ever!" Mr. Carl smiled more, and gripped my shoulder tightly, saying, "Good boy, Robby.....I knew you were a smart lad, smart enough to just enjoy our time, and nothing needs to be said!!" I nodded, wisely, and said softly, "Yes Sir, exactly, Sir!"Mr. Carl took my hand then, and led me inside the theater, and to a seat row at the back of the dark theater. There were no more than 4 or 5 people scattered about, mostly older men, sitting alone, passing a boring afternoon with the movie. Mr. Carl guided me to a seat about mid row, and indicated I should sit. I dropped my book bag and jacket onto the seat next to where I was going to sit, and sat sown. Mr. Carl sat next to me, and dropped his large hand onto my upper thigh, gripping me firmly, as he leaned close to my ear, and softly said, "I very much enjoyed our fun yesterday, Robby, and I hope that you enjoyed it, as well." I felt the heat of my blush crawl over my cheeks, and was glad for the dimness of the theater, as I nodded my head, and answered, my voice cracking, "Yes sir....a lot....actually, sir!" I croaked. Mr. Carl smiled some more, glanced quickly around the dark theater, then slid his big hand up my slim thigh, and over, to place it in my lap, his fingers closing around the swollen shaft of my stiff little cock, and stroking it, up and down. I gasped, and reflexively spread my legs, scooting down some in the seat, allowing him even better access to my boy parts! "Such a good boy!" Mr. Carl, whispered, as his big hand stroked my rock hard dick, and explored lower, gently fingering my tight little balls!He played with me a minute or so, then removed his hand from my excited lap. He stood up, and my wide eyes locked onto the huge bulge at his crotch! I gasped loudly again, and murmured, "whoa....big!!" Mr. Carl grinned widely, then adjusted his erection down his leg, which made it a little less obvious, but still clearly defined, tenting his pant leg! "I'll be back shortly, Robby," he told me, "Just enjoy the movie, son." I nodded, my hand pressing against my steel hard cock, as I continued to stare at Mr. Carl's huge bulge! He chuckled, and departed down the isle. I tried to pay attention to the movie, but my brain was totally into the aching in my balls, and the lingering image of that fat man cock in Mr. Carl's slacks! I seriously hoped for his rapid return, to continue touching me....there!After an agonizing wait, Mr. Carl came back, and took the seat next to me, his arm going across my seat back, and leaning his big body across mine, he plucked my school jacket from the vacant seat, and shook it open, laying it spread across my lap. I looked at him, and he nodded, slightly, and winked at me, saying, "Don't want my boy to get chilled, right?" (wink-wink) I understood then that the jacket was to disguise whatever might be going to go on in my lap, preventing any unwanted observation by other patrons! I smiled, at returned Mr. Carl's wink letting the man know that I understood!We sat quietly watching the movie a few minutes as Mr. Carl carefully surveyed the theater, ensuring that no one was close, or paying us any attention, then, leaning close to me he said softly, "Slip your pants down, Robby." My heart jumped, when I heard that, and my pulse was racing, and I had that fluttery feeling in my tummy, as I reached under my jacket, and opened my pants, lifting my small butt off the seat, and pushed them, and my white briefs down below my knees! I sat back, scooted low in the seat, and spread my hairless legs. I looked down, and saw my jacket all tented where my throbbing 4 incher pushed hard against it, as it stood straight up from my smooth groin, pulsing, and aching! I looked at Mr. Carl shyly, feeling my cheeks glowing with a blush! He winked at me, nodding his head slowly, then slipped his big hand under my jacket, firmly grasping my naked boner, stroking its length, and rubbing the cut head with his thumb! I groaned, loudly, and Mr. Carl quickly hissed, " still, Robby!" I stifled my groan, quickly nodding my head, not wanting him stop, ever!!Mr. Carl fixed his gaze on the movie screen, as his hand worked my screaming cock, his big thumb making regular passes across the head, until I felt the wetness of my juice oozing from the small slit! The leaking juice increased rapidly, and it seemed to please Mr. Carl, as he several times rubbed his thumb over me, coating it, then removing his hand to briefly suck his slimy thumb! After one such pass of his hand, to his mouth, and back to my lap, he reached under my drooling cock, and gripped my small balls, gently squeezing them, and pressing his large fingers into them, causing me to moan softly, and scoot deeper into my seat, allowing him to better manipulate my small orbs, a feeling I was rapidly learning to love! After setting the nerve centers of my small balls on fire, Mr. Carl returned to stroking my silky cock, and my boy juice output seriously increased, as I felt my balls tingle, and my granite hard dick get even harder in his rubbing hand! I jerked, my small hips jabbing at his rubbing hand, a groan escaping my choked throat, as I squeaked, "Unnggg...Sir....gonna......Agggg!!" And my dick exploded, my searing boy cumm erupting from the slit, jetting several strong blasts, coating Mr. Carl's still stroking hand, and my small balls, and, I was sure, thoroughly sliming the inside of my school jacket!!The intense orgasm faded, finally, and I flopped fully back in the seat, panting for breath, as Mr. Carl looked quickly around the dim theater, then pulled away my jacket, and leaned across the seat arm. He bent his head, and quickly sucked my shrinking cock into his mouth, fingers milking at the shaft, wringing out the remaining drops of my semen, and tonguing the goo from by ball sack! Satisfied, he sat back up, and replaced the jacket across my naked lap, and sat back, leaned close to me, and smiled, I could actually smell my cumm on his warm breath! He reached out, and tussled my hair, and said, quietly, "such a good, sweet, boy, my Robby!" I sighed, and grinned right back at him, feeling satisfied, for the first time since I been with him last, at the after school movie!(To Be Continued)
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